60 minutes

Coached CrossFit session (max. 12 people)

  • warm-up / mobility
  • muscle strengthening / technical work 
  • Workout of the Day
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Open Gym

The Open Gym is a space dedicated to athletes who wish to train independently.

The coach remains available in the room at all time.

The Open Gym is accessible during the opening hours and at the same time as the coached classes.

Kids and Teens

Baby Gym

45 minutes

1 session per week (Wednesday 4PM-5PM)

Please note that the Wednesday slot will only open if a minimum of 4 children are enrolled.

1 session per week  Wednesday 15pm-16pm.

The sessions consist of playful games and exercises to develop your baby's fine motor skills, hand dexterity and coordination.

Gym Kids

60 minutes

Gym session for children from 7 to 10 years old (group of 10 maximum)

1 session per week Wednesday 4pm-5pm. 

Both entertaining and engaging, our gym sessions allow your children to improve their physical abilities while having fun.

Gym Teens

60 minutes

Cross training session for teens aged 11 to 15 (group of 12 maximum)

1 session per week (saturday, 10AM-11AM).

For teens over the age of 14, it will be possible to participate in an additional session in a time slot of your choice.

The session will be based on adult training but modified to make it more fun and adapted to the physical condition of your teenagers.