More than a sport,
a philosophy of life

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that includes series of functional and varied, high-intensity exercises: these are called WODs (workout of the day). They incorporate elements from various sports disciplines such as gymnastics, weightlifting or cardio, but also from everyday life.  

The aim of CrossFit is to develop 10 skills that are fundamental for every human being, namely:  

  1. cardiovascular and respiratory endurance,
  2. muscular endurance,
  3. force,
  4. flexibility,
  5. power,
  6. speed,
  7. agility,
  8. coordination,
  9. balance,
  10. precision. 

Is CrossFit for me?

Afraid it's too hard?

CrossFit is not just for elite athletes, it is perfectly suitable for everyone, regardless of age, gender, weight or physical condition! The sessions are fully modular and the coaches always make sure that the exercises are adapted to your level. Caring and helping each other are values that we hold dear!  

Afraid of hurting yourself?  

At CrossFit Friendly, we work exclusively in small groups. This means that the coaches give you all the attention you need for a safe practice. Everything is thought out in advance to avoid injury: from the warm-up to the rest periods and the functional movements.

Afraid of getting too muscular?

CrossFit is not a mass gain training, it aims to strengthen muscles, improve strength, energy, agility... Crossfitters simply become firmer, more toned and athletic!

Too expensive?

At CrossFit Friendly, all the necessary equipment is at your disposal. The coaches accompany you within a small group, ensuring the right execution, informing you about dietetics and motivating you: it is an investment in yourself, what could be more important!

Not a competitive person?

Beginners encourage each other and more advanced crossfitters motivate the rest of the group because they have overcome the same challenges before! The main person you will have to fight against is yourself, your inertia, your mind, your discouragement. Do not compare yourself to others, but to the person you were before joining our community: you will be proud to see how far you've come!

Do you have any other concerns? Any other questions?

Don't hesitate to contact us!